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Recvon Recruitment is one of the more prominent names in the Gulf-based Human Resources Consultancies. The organization has been pivotal in bridging the gap between Employers and Employees with finding the right fit for the right role. The goal at Recvon is not only to present the deliverables to the client, but to exceed expectations by bringing the highest quality and standards of professional expertise with a distinctive combination of management consulting and extensive industry expertise. We aim to identify and nurture talented professionals in a league of their own to make sure that we hold and build on our reputation as a steadfast and dedicated partner.


Manpower Services 

We offer customized services to help reduce the time, effort and cost associated with hiring temporary and permanent manpower. We are one of the foremost providers of contract manpower across all emirates.
We provide direct access to a pool of candidates across multiple professions and a wide array of industries, both for skilled and unskilled positions. We can undertake the provision of general helpers, skilled and semi-skilled in various categories. We are well equipped to supply large numbers at very short notice. Our resources are insured, medically fit and trained to adhere to workplace discipline.
Our technology also helps our customers to access our services with just a mouse-click. The team takes care of the interests of our customers as well as the welfare of our employees.

Recruitment Services 

Recvon is a proven name in the Recruitment and Executive Search in the Gulf region and it is as a direct result of this dedication that we have developed partnerships with every major employer in the GCC. We are committed to establishing long-term relationships with our clients, and we ensure this by providing tailored solutions for our clients’ recruitment needs across all levels.
Senior managerial candidates can often be elusive in the job market, and in today’s highly competitive world your choice of an executive can make a tremendous impact on your company’s future. To ensure we attract the high calibre of personnel that you require, our Executive Search Service utilises a 360° marketing network to locate the professionals you need for your company’s management positions. To ensure privacy for candidate and employer, we offer a completely confidential service - and do not levy any fees, registration or otherwise, upon our candidates.
(A) Our qualified, experienced and professional Consultants provide effective Recruitment Services.
(B) Our methodology and work ethics help us get the job done quickly and efficiently.
(C) We process over worldwide registrations via our Online Registration network.
(D) We manage candidates from a variety of industries through our up-to-date database.

Advertising & Screening Services 

A specialized Recruitment Agency offering permanent and contract recruitment solutions to the GCC region, with a client portfolio that spans from SMEs to leading MNCs, we draw on our in-depth industry expertise and local UAE market knowledge to provide recruiting excellence to clients and candidates.
People are the most valuable assets and most productive when in the right fit: both to himself and the Employer. Let’s get started to find your right fit now!
As a result of our extensive marketing and advertising network, our website receives traffic in huge magnitude per day from potential applicants globally. Candidates also reach out to us through phone calls, emails, etc.
Given  this scenario, we want to make sure that we do justice to all candidates who apply at Recvon; Therefore, we offer our clients two choices; branded or unbranded campaigns. Branded campaigns feature your company’s logo or corporate identity. The responses can be handled with by your internal resources, although it is suggested that applicants be screened and routed by us so that the client can focus on productive applications. Non-branded campaigns are run under Recvon banner making sure that we handle the responses generated.
Whichever method you prefer, we are available to handle telephone and email responses, receive and sort resumes, and pre-interview candidates who we feel may be appropriate for the position. All suitable resumes are sorted into three easy-to-handle groups: 
<Recvon can add suggestions as per their business model>
(A) Candidates most suited to your specifications.
(B) Candidates who could be developed for each position.
(C) Candidates not suitable for your current opening but who may be relevant for future use.


With Recvon you gain

  • Industry Experience
  • Professionalism
  • Exposure to multiple industries
  • The trust we have built
  • Our Relationship Management
  • Quick and timely recruitment services


We are an independent managed business based in Dubai. We desire to offer the highest of standards to both clients and candidates. We understand the challenges that face both candidates and businesses when it comes to finding the right ‘fit’ for a job. We’re passionate about what we do and have a wealth of experience in pairing the right people with the right roles.



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We are an independent owner/managed business based in Dubai, driven by a desire to offer the highest of standards to both clients and candidates. We understand the challenges that face both candidates and businesses when it comes to finding the right ‘fit’ for a job. We’re passionate about what we do and have a wealth of experience in pairing the right people with the right roles.

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